Prom Book Fashion Show

Imagine beautiful evening gowns, strobe lights, and a live DJ. No, it’s not the Academy Awards.   No, it’s not your regular fashion show; it’s a Book Fashion Show.  I had the idea to have a prom book fashion year in the school library because I wanted to promote reading and the school prom.  I reached out to a local boutique, “Cinderella’s Closet” and I asked if we could model their dresses.  I also sent in a letter detailing my idea.  They were very receptive and eager to support me.  The manager allowed my students to visit their store after school to pick three dresses and get measured.  Next, I needed a DJ.  With a very small budget I was worried that I would not be able to hire a DJ.  I started asking around my school and surprisingly they said a student in our school had a DJ business.  I met with him and he agreed to provide the music for our event.  In exchange, we advertised for him on social media.  We also have a Care Closet at our school which was full of dresses!  I was able to take some of the dresses from the Care Closet and add them to the Book Fashion Show.  This greatly increased students’ awareness about free clothing available to those in need.

prom book fashion show
I also advertised with a read carpet book display.  I was inspired by a library display on Pinterest. I selected books about prom and Books that inspired Academy Award winning movies .

I had the dresses, the music  and now I needed models.  I asked my students to model but they were so shy so I advertised on the scrolling announcements at my school.  The next day I have a line of beautiful ladies waiting in the library.  They all wanted to model and some of them had modeling experience. I was ecstatic. I told them they had to pick a book from a list of books that my Library Science students had written book reviews. (That was our compromise since they didn’t want to model).  Although five of my Library Science students, did model.   We practiced a few days after-school and advertised on social media.  I also advertised with a Red Carpet book display.  I was inspired by a library display on Pinterest.  I also gave away 2 prom tickets donated from the Prom sponsor.  He was so excited that we were advertising for prom that he wanted to show his support.  I required students to submit the best “Book Promposal” and post it on our social media page.  We allowed the students to vote by following our page and liking the post.  It was a great way to boost our page among the students.

book promposal
Book Promposal Winners!

We were not able to find  a place to donate tuxedos for the show so we only used female models.  Next year, I plan to find a place that will allow us to use tuxedos.

prom book 2
Emily Blankenship is modeling a New York Times Bestselling  novel entitled Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.  This is a lush, vivid, fantasy series where loyalty and desire can tear you apart and the only certainty is betrayal.  You can find it in the Media Center! Check it out today!

The day of the show was finally here and I was so nervous.  We completely rearranged the library media center so that we had a runway.  We lined the runway with books.  I asked our Student Council president to narrate or announce the ladies and the books.  The manager from Cinderella’s Closet along with her assistant and I helped the girls get dressed.  Then, the show began!  It was amazing!   The students who regularly come in during lunch to check out a book were shocked at the transformation.  They took a seat and waited excitedly for the show began.  I also invited different teachers to bring their classes.  The show was amazing!  The students walked the runway proudly with their books and they looked lovely in their gowns.  It was an awesome show!  I will definitely do this again next year because reading never goes

out of style!

Video of the end of the show!

prom book show
DJ Sixto, a student in our school promoted his business by providing the music and lights for our show.
prom book show
A MHS student modeling a gown from Cinderella’s Closet along with a hot new trendy novel!

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  1. I’m so in love with this post! What a creative and fun event!

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