Letting Go

Dear  Teaching,

I need space.  I am not breaking up with you but I want to give you more room to grow and flourish.  Lately, I feel as if I have been suffocating you.  I come in most days and I do most of the talking.  I lead lessons and I always ask questions in which I already have the answer.  There is no challenge in our relationship and no excitement.  I am becoming bored and I know others can feel it.  In a quest to improve our relationship, I read an article entitled, “Great Teaching Means Letting Go”  and that is just what I intend to do because I want you to be great.  In this article, Wiggins explains, “…Unless you back off completely, on a daily basis, …to see whether or not students draw appropriately from repertoire in a timely and effective fashion in challenges that demand it, you really have no idea what they can do on their own”. In the past, I tried the Gradual Release of Responsibility Method.  I recently learned that I was still not correctly implementing the procedure.  I know this now because the independent practice was scaffolded, prompted, and simplified activity in which the student knows full well what single move we want them to use”.(Wiggins)  I want our children, the students, to have the best.  I want them to be able to operate successfully in autonomous situations.  Therefore, we have to do this.  We have to make this change.  So that when the students are testing, they can perform exceptionally.  They can only do this if we prepare them.  We must prepare them by putting them in situations where  they have to use inquiry based learning.  They need to be able to truly think independently.  I feel that we can do this by using tools to help us.  According to Chris Lehmann  in “Inquiry: The Very First Step In the Process of Learning”, “It’s not about us, it is about the students”.  Learning does not just happen with the four walls of the schools.  Teachers need to reach out and use the tools available to bridge the gap, “The technology needs to transform what we do” (Lehmann). I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything so we need to provide tools that provide access to infinite information. Let’s spice things up and let the students make decisions!  Let them decide which tools to use to show what they have learned.  We need to use more project based learning and less test and quizzes to assess our students.

So, please don’t take offense to this message.  I hope you understand. We need to work together but in  a way where you can grow so that we can create creative workers who can conquer the world.  It’s not you; It’s me…well it’s both of us.


Thank you for understanding.


A Teacher

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael Lewis says:

    Hey, this is so true! We are killing our kids. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Dorothy Hamilton says:

    I truly agree with your blog and we do nee the villiage to work together. Dorothy Hamilton


  3. Steven says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! You nailed this reflection. We have got to stop spoon feeding our students everyday. This is exactly why they’re performing so poorly on tests. They’re so used to raising their hand and getting an answer from us rather than relying on their own methods of inquiry. We have got to start a revolution based on this very foundation in our education system.

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