Reflective Searching

Many people have said if you need to find any type of information just ask Mrs. Lewis because she can get it for you. I can always help point others in the right direction to find the information they need. Whenever I have to make a creative library display or plan an event, I always search Google or Pinterest.   I pride myself on have amazing search skills but after reviewing “How Google Impacts the Way Students Think”, I may have to reevaluate myself.  I use Google for many different searches.  It is just easy and convenient.  According to the article, “How Google Impacts How the Way Students Think”, google is very influential on the students’ thought process.

  1.  Google creates the allusion of accessibility.
  2. Google naturally suggests “answers” as stopping points
  3. Being linear Google obscures the interdependence of information.

There are other apps that are helping to change this interdependence of information, “Others apps are providing more structure to how information is discovered but sequenced and applied.”  I realize that I, too like teens have this interdependence.  Whenever I have a question, I google it.  I don’t go to the databases; I want quick up the minute information.  Unlike the students however, I do evaluate the information.  I consider the source.  I fall under the category of Checking Information Seekers.  I will go to several different sources or sites to confirm information.  According to “Information Behavior of the Researcher of the Future”, quick searches have serious implications on the way students think and use information”.  Students are not encouraged to use critical thinking skills.    Students do not have the training and experience to do so if they have never been instructed which results in little time being spent in evaluating information.  This makes it difficult to develop effective search strategies.  As a result, Google and Yahoo become the primary brand  they associate with the internet.

I think we are all apart of the Google generation but people my age still remember Encyclopedias and print newspapers.   I was born after 1993 surprising, huh?   I know I don’t look a day over twenty.  (Insert laughter here) Today, it is so easy to depend on Google.  I recently learned that you can even search images on Google!  Just upload the image and Voila!  Information about your image is supplied.  Having all of this readily available information has made us a society that has no patience and a society that has no value for true research.  College students are using the library less and reading less.  On the other hand, having this information at our fingertips has brought us closer together and made information readily available.